As society increasingly develops and integrates, modern young people have more and more "demanding" needs when choosing smart health care products right at home. Okasa full body massage chair is proud to be the leading US brand with advanced technologies and features to bring the most perfect healthcare experience for every Vietnamese family.

Let Okasa discover the secrets of the benefits of Okasa massage chairs!

Improve sleep, increase energy for new full day

Insomnia occurs in young people today due to many different causes that adversely affect productivity, mood, health and quality of life. Instead of taking sleeping pills that cause huge health effects such as fatigue, memory loss and drug dependence, the simplest solution is to use a massage chair that helps improve sleep. With professional massage exercises such as a professional massage therapist, massage chairs will rub and press on the acupuncture points correctly to help the nervous system operate flexibly, transport nutrients, oxygen up The brain is the best. When "full", the spirit will be lucid, the body is refreshed from which the sleep will also be better.

Relieve stress, reduce work pressure and daily life

A tired working day is better than leaning back on a massage chair after work. The automatic massage mode in massage chairs put the user into the state of ultimate relaxation, reducing the pressure of daily life. Okasa body massage chair also comes with many automatic massge programs performed based on 4D rollers and modern airbag systems, simulating real movements like human hands, these massage exercises are all useful. Very good for health, creating a sense of deep relaxation, comfort, helps users eliminate stress. Some studies also show that massage chairs repel the negative effects of stress by promoting serotonin (a sensory hormone that helps relax, regulate sleep) helps lower blood pressure and heart rate).

Okasa massage chair is suitable for office workers, business people or those who are constantly stressed, economic, financial pressure, ....

Preserving improves osteoarthritis pain in elderly people

You will no longer have to worry about osteoarthritis pain in parents and grandparents. Okasa massage chair with smart features can help massage, massage, acupressure, ... whole body to effectively reduce aches and pains, in addition to massage airbags and massage rollers and infrared mode. Massage, massage, acupressure help relax muscles and nerves, promote blood circulation, clear the meridians, help the circulatory system work more smoothly, accelerate the metabolism of muscles , remove toxins & bring nutrients to cartilage & joints ...

With only 15 minutes with a massage chair, the pain will be relieved, instead of comfort, older people will eat and sleep better, mentally much more comfortable.

Improve pathology, prevent cancer, comprehensive health protection

In Vietnam, cancer is growing fast at an alarming rate. About 200,000 people get cancer every year. Currently, besides the scientific diet, the application of high-tech devices to curb cancer is gradually becoming popular in Asian countries in general, in Vietnam owning massage chairs is one of the safe and effective way to improve the pathology, because massage chairs affect the whole body to help blood circulation, the body more flexible and healthier.

"Cosmetics" for healthy and smooth skin

Another surprising use of Okasa massage chairs is skin beauty. Infrared heat in massage chairs pushes the temperature up, making the skin warmer. The improvement in circulation helps to improve the flow of nutrients to the skin, directly replacing damaged skin cells. Thereby promoting the faster growth of new cells and improving the overall health of skin cells, making the skin brighter, reducing pigmentation and other traces of skin such as scars.

Enhance the life of upper class and class

The perfect combination of features and design of Okasa Japanese massage chair creates an ideal interior space. Emphasizing from exquisitely and exquisitely designed external designs with a combination of colors, trendy designs, Okasa's own massage chair selection is a modern and classy lifestyle choice.

Okasa massage chair products are widely sold in 63 provinces and cities and are trusted by more than 10 million households. Along with the great benefits that massage chairs bring, did you want to buy a Okasa full body massage chair for your whole family to enjoy?

The massage therapy on Okasa body massage chair works very well in treating disc herniation if we use it properly.

Spinal disc herniation has four stages, in the first two stages, if you are interested in treating and combining massage therapies appropriately, you can completely dispel the anxiety about the disease. In particular, the massage therapy on full body massage is highly recommended and helpful for patients.

Okasa Masssage massage chair with acupressure

The massage method integrates the "body scan" technology to detect the exact position of the acupuncture points on the whole body, in order to perform more precise massage movements, especially in the back, waist, and places. always under great pressure in all activities. When using, patients should pay attention to adjust moderate pressure to not cause pain, damage to the disc.

Okasa Zero Gravity massage chair (zero gravity massage)

This technology is applied to counteract the gravity of the earth, by creating an angle of 120 to 130 degrees between the abdomen and thighs which significantly reduces the gravity acting on the body. With massage chairs equipped with Zero Gravity technology, users will experience the feeling of almost zero gravity, high relaxation, no pressure on the body, especially the spine. At the same time, the vertebrae are arranged correctly, the compression between the vertebrae will be significantly reduced, giving you a sense of pleasure, reducing pain caused by illness.

Okasa massage chair Intelligent 4D roller system

With new improvements compared to the previous generation, the intelligent 4D roller can perform intensive massage movements that are almost like human hands such as kneading, knocking, punching, shiatsu, rolling, combining many movements, Help dispel fatigue, enhance blood circulation throughout the body, relieve pain in the hernia, stretch the joints, adjust the physique.

Okasa massage chair Airbag system

Considered one of the indispensable elements in massages, Okasa massage chairs adopt advanced pneumatic technology, moving in both directions from the inside out and vice versa (especially in the head position, shoulders, back, buttocks, legs). Pressure is calculated in detail, carefully helping patients reduce fatigue, aches and pains after a day of work.

If you are looking to own a massage chair, please contact Okasa, the most prestigious 4D body massage chair distribution site today, with the quality and warranty that has been committed and trusted. will easily find the product you like and your family

Elderly people often experience symptoms such as: Back pain, arthralgia when the seasons change, blood circulation is weak, leading to dizziness, lightheadedness and numbness in hands and feet, trouble sleeping or sleeping poorly. . These are all common diseases that cause the health of the elderly to decline, mental decline.

Why should we allow our parents or grandparents to suffer from these "unpleasant" symptoms that lead to poor health and mental well-being, let us be more concerned about the health problems of the elderly in families to help them stay happy with their children and grandchildren.

The advantages that massage chairs bring to the health of the elderly

Older people often face prolonged joint aches and pains, poor blood circulation, insomnia .... due to high age makes the circulatory apparatus in the body weak. Massage chairs with modern functions will help to overcome these.

Help reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis pain in the elderly: Simulating the movements of experts, the rollers in the massage chair also gently massage and move into each acupuncture point, impact on the nerves help relax muscles and reduce aches and pains.

Helps relax the mind & improve health: When being massage, it will help the blood vessels to circulate well, the body will no longer feel aches, so that the health will be improved, the spirit will be more cheerful and love life . A spirit of constant comfort is an important factor in increasing the life expectancy of the elderly.

Help the elderly sleep better: When the meridians on the body have been activated, it will affect the nervous system to help bring a good sleep, no signs of insomnia or flutter.

Improve blood circulation & boost the immune system: Massage and massage on key points of the body to support blood circulation, strengthen the immune system, help protect the body against diseases .

Massage chairs are an effective solution to help the elderly improve health and mental problems, the chairs are manufactured in accordance with the physical condition and special support to help improve the health of the elderly. So when buying massage chairs for the elderly we must be very smart, focusing on features that help quickly improve the health status of grandparents and parents.

Choosing massage chairs for the elderly should choose according to any criteria?

Choosing to buy massage chairs for the elderly should pay attention to health issues more. Because there are many types of chairs will be equipped with different massage features. When buying massage chairs for older people, the following factors should be considered:

Know the health status of grandparents and parents

Need to know the health status of grandparents and parents whether it is appropriate to use massage chairs or not. You should ask the counselor about the list of people who should not use massage chairs before choosing to buy the device.

Focus on gentle massage elements:

Older people often have weak health, low density of joints and bones are no longer strong and supple, so when buying a massage chair, you should choose massage machines to help gently relax the tendons.

Modern massage roller system:

3D, 4D roller system with flexible movements - multi-dimensional will be suitable for older people than conventional rollers, because the rollers can move the entire back of the body to help users feel feel good, reduce muscle aches - joints. The massage function will help circulate blood circulation, stabilize blood pressure giving parents and parents a good night's sleep.

Infrared heat helps to warm the body and soothe aches and pains

The infrared heat function built into the massage chair helps to warm the body, combined with massage therapies to help the body relax completely is an effective method to help recover the pain problems. Power is very suitable for the elderly.

Airbag system for gentle massage

The elderly often suffer from fatigue, numbness and limbs, due to poor blood circulation. Gentle airbag system is very suitable for the elderly, people with weak condition ..., helps the blood to flow smoothly to the cartilage-joint membranes, which disperses the fatigue and helps the body to relax gently. .

These are the points you should keep in mind when choosing to buy massage chairs for the elderly, so that you can choose the most suitable for health care needs of grandparents and parents. Because a massage chair is sometimes a friend to help alleviate old illnesses, bring great moments of relaxation, help improve the health of the elderly

As one of the blockbuster products, Okasa massage chair brings with itself outstanding features. Luxurious in every detail, diverse in each design, exquisite in every design line.

Expensive collection affirms the upper class

The possession of expensive material is one of the ways to express the class and status of the elite in society. Okasa massage chair is one of the leading prestigious brands in Vietnam, manufactured according to USA standards is considered a smart and effective "investment channel" to help gentlemen and women easily assert the rich class. , expand the relationships.

Jack Ma, the boss of Alibaba Group, has sent a famous email to thousands of his employees with 5 exclamation points: "Make money !! Spend the money !!! ”. If you do not squander money and spend properly as a form of investing in your "net worth", then all the money you spend is reasonable. Only the true owner knows the value of a true "luxury" luxury product. And Okasa massage chair with noble design, high quality material is a testament to the immortal class.

Okasa massage chairs are considered as "smart investment channels" affirming the class of wealth

Enhancing the intellectual quintessence for a new modern lifestyle

Choosing Okasa massage chair ownership means you choose for yourself a modern lifestyle. Because inside the luxurious elegance, each Okasa massage chair inherits full of smart massage features from leading US healthcare professionals.

Integrated 4D technology, zero-gravity technology, 3D massage robot system simulating like a real hand with extremely soft and supple motion extremely professional, intelligent scanning technology "body scan" automatically scan the spine to adjust the most optimal massage posture to the user's condition and accurately locate the acupuncture points on the body, the infrared therapy feature to bring the most intensive intensive massage experience. In addition, the biological light from the Okasa massage chair is also manipulated enchantingly, not only bringing high aesthetic effect but also fanciful bringing the soul to dreamy places.

 Relax to enjoy the smoothness of an expensive chair, both to satisfy your taste and to enjoy the sweetness of success. Okasa massage chair helps you "recharge" the energy, relax to relax the mind become sharper, improve the intellectual quintessence.

Luxurious interior for ideal living space

The luxury car accompanies you in every successful step, and when returning home, what is more ideal and more perfect with luxurious and modern apartment furniture?

Okasa massage chair is not only the best health care product, but also a luxurious interior decoration for your home. Focusing on the meticulous and sophisticated exterior design with the combination of colors, trendy designs, Okasa massage chairs arranged in the living room space will be an impressive highlight. The main golden color of Okasa massage chair brings a sense of modernity with personality, sometimes with incredible charm, bringing classic and modern features to make the living space become unique and interesting.

Okasa massage chairs are also ideal furniture for bedrooms

With a lovely color like metal light that brings a lot of energy, Okasa massage chair is also the ideal furniture for the couple's bedroom. Together to relax, sublimate together and experience the endless emotions with your partner.

Okasa massage chair is a golden brand sought by Vietnamese star giants

Vietnamese underground showbiz giant owns cars box, brand name, beautiful wife, good children, ...? But to make life more complete and fulfilling, they say they need to invest in a progressive healthcare product.

Not a luxury fun, Okasa massage chair is one of the most useful and luxurious furnitures beyond the limits welcomed by the Vietnamese entertainment industry giants such as Ly Hai, Dam Vinh Hung, Ung Hoang Phuc and Cong Vinh. over the years. Originating as the "darling" of the leading sports equipment group in Vietnam, Kingport massage chair is a necessary and sufficient condition to satisfy the high-class and luxurious life.

Reportedly, Li Hai is not afraid to spend heavily on furniture for his million-dollar villas.

Manufacturing is based on the sciences - art and life, associating wealth, social status, quintessence of intelligence and standard demeanor in a successful person. Is Okasa massage chair the driving force of society to take a new position?

Cheap 2D massage chair will be a reasonable choice for your family's health care needs because of the superior quality and price it brings. Let's Okasa point through the best 2D massage chairs today all the family.

Okasa OS 168 Plus cheap massage chair

As one of the best 2D massage chairs today, Okasa OS 168 Plus cheap massage chair is luxuriously designed, noble and class with gray tones, the chair uses 100% high-quality leather, helping people Use always feels comfortable and gentle when sitting in a chair. Okasa 168E massage chair will quickly dispel aches and pains in the neck, back, legs, ... with intelligent massage roller system and airbags arranged along the body of the chair, helping your health to be restored in the shortest time.

Okasa OS 268 Plus cheap massage chair

Distributed exclusively by Okasa sports group, Okasa OS 268 Plus cheap massage chair has a firm frame and elegant brown color. The rollers of the chair move along the body; Continuous rotation, relentless stirring, squeezing, lightly pressing and reflexology from head to toe. The chair is also integrated with a control keyboard that is designed to be simple and easy to use, helping you adjust the vibrations fast, slow, massage style to your liking. Massage chair 168A will be an effective companion after hours of work or study stress.

Massage chairs today have gradually become an indispensable device in the care and rehabilitation for everyone especially the elderly. Massage chairs are equipped with intensive massage functions that will help us have moments of stressful and exhausting work, support the relaxation treatment of tendons, effectively circulate blood circulation for grandparents and parents. . But what makes us wonder is how to choose a massage chair line suitable for the elderly. Help grandparents and parents improve health efficiency. Understanding those concerns, Okasa would like to recommend Okasa's most sought-after massage chairs for Okasa.

Older people often face symptoms such as back pain, knee fatigue, insomnia often, always feel uncomfortable, exhausted fatigue and many other consequences. This greatly affects the quality of life of our grandparents and parents.

Massage chairs are a great option for the elderly and the elderly, this is the solution trusted by health professionals and recommend; Help to eliminate the symptoms: fatigue, numbness of the limbs, supporting better blood circulation, reducing stress, fatigue effectively, perfectly meeting the health care needs of the elderly.

Therefore, if you are looking for a meaningful health gift for grandparents and parents this Lunar New Year, please refer to the massage chairs suitable for the elderly below, the massage chairs This is also the most favorite product at Okasa time and is loved by many elderly people as well as trusted for health care.

Okasa Pro S1 massage chair

Diseases that the elderly often suffer from such as joint pain, numbness in the limbs, poor blood circulation, stressful insomnia ... due to high age makes the body work weak so the immune system is weak , Okasa G35 massage chair with outstanding innovation in massage technology will help overcome this.

Okasa Pro S1 massage chair with SL roller system from neck to bottom of buttocks, hugging your whole body for relaxing massage is fully promoted. In particular, the long running roller on the body will be selected and stopped at any time, any point you desire or much pain needs priority. 4D rollers and airbags are compatible with each other, performing movements: rub, punch, squeeze, day, swipe, pat, rub, shiatsu ... continuously moving in accordance with each different massage mode, Very suitable for the elderly who suffer from numbness in the limbs due to poor blood circulation. As for the elderly who often face aches and pains and stiffness in the back, the Zero Gravity massage mode will help the spine to be completely relaxed, creating an extremely relaxing feeling for user. Certainly the elderly will be absolutely satisfied with this massage chair.

Kiwami 4D 970 massage chair

Kiwami massage chair 4D 970 is one of the leading massage chairs of Okasa, conquering fastidious customers by the function of "voice understanding" and many improved massage methods will definitely be a very good health gift. Useful periods for the elderly in the family.

Massage chair Kiwami 4D 970 With the function of voice control will help the elderly will easily choose the program they want with their voice without using the remote.

The musculoskeletal system in the elderly is getting weaker and weaker, so Kiwami 4D 970 massage chair applies novel 4D massage techniques, gently massages the muscles in the back and waist, helps dispel aches and speeds up the exchange process. matter.

This massage chair owns a prominent plus point is integrated SL frame with roller system that moves and slides along the spine curvature to the buttocks, combining heat massage system to heat the back and legs from which to massage. calming the body helps dispel aches and pains, promotes blood circulation, speeds up the recovery of injured muscle areas.

4D Kiwami massage chair equipped with air bags placed on the shoulders, back, arms, calves are continuously pumped, directly impacting on muscle groups, stimulating blood circulation, dispelling stress fatigue , regenerates energy for the whole body, contributes to fighting disease related to joints, enhances immunity and longevity in the elderly.

FUJIIRYOKI JP-870 massage chair

If you are wondering whether to choose a massage chair line suitable for older people with affordable prices, surely the Okasa G42 massage chair is the perfect choice for you. FUJIIRYOKI JP-870 massage chair possesses a luxurious design with many advanced features and improvements but has the most reasonable price. This is also one of Okasa's efforts to bring the best massage chairs to meet the practical health care needs of consumers.

FUJIIRYOKI JP-870 massage chair offers a variety of massage experiences with 4D massage program with 4 flexible customizable massage programs.

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